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posted on : 2 months ago

Industry : Print /Digital Media Job Function : Editorial Content

Job Experience Level : Mid Level

Minimum Years of Experience : 3 -4

Minimum Academic Qualification : Bachelor

Job Summary

To co-ordinate news gathering operations, obtain well researched and most up to date reports on daily events and ensure written copy meets established editorial objectives, journalistic ethics and house-style is delivered within set deadlines

Full Job Description

§  Maintains a diary of events.

§  Taking responsibility for the quality and quantity of the editorial content of the newspaper and online platforms.

§  Assesses political, social and economic climate and anticipates likely developments for coverage.

§  Briefs reporters and bureaus and advises on angles to take on a story.

§  Guide reporters, writers and bureaus on coverage and writing of stories.

§  Ensures that reporters write stories and deliver them within the set deadlines.

§  Reviews the written stories to ensure they meet editorial objectives, house-style and journalistic ethics.

§  Recommends main stories of the day and presents the docket for the editorial meetings.

§  Participating in product development meetings.

§  Monitors and guides reporters and recommends areas for their personal growth.

§  Recommending staff training or development programs to the Head of Content Generation and Product Editor.

§  Mentoring reporters, monitoring their productivity and general content and appraising their performance.

§  Manage reporters leave schedule and shift timetable, ensuring adequate staffing to maintain smooth operations.

§  Initiating disciplinary actions.

§  Ensuring delivery of the online and digital content.

§  Adhere to the news circle; breaking the news, social media update, website story and story for the paper.

§  Adhering to the Editorial and Social Media Policies as updated from time to time.


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