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posted on : 1 year ago

Industry : Print /Digital Media Job Function : Editorial Content

Job Experience Level : Mid Level

Minimum Years of Experience : 4-5

Minimum Academic Qualification : Bachelor

Job Summary

To edit stories, write captions, place pictures and write headlines in conformity with journalistic ethics, editorial objectives and house style within set deadlines.

Full Job Description

§  Checks and corrects editorial copy allocated by the Chief Sub-Editor for facts, accuracy, taste, house-style, language use, clarity, details, objectivity, and spellings.

§  Subs copy to fit allocated space without distorting facts or dispensing with the salient points.

§  Re-writes the copy as necessary for simplicity, clarity and style.

§  Rewrites the appropriate headline for the copy, ensuring it reflects the overriding message of the story.

§  Edits the pictures selected by the Chief Sub-Editor to fit the allocated space, and writes/rewrites appropriate caption taking care not to merely state the obvious details.

§  Submits the edited copy to the Chief Sub-Editor within set deadlines.

§  Makes up the editorial pages as directed by the Chief Sub-Editor.

§  Assists the product editor to ensure deadline pullout is compiled to plan

§  Checks all headlines, captions, pictures, copy text and page logos and all other page elements to sign the pages within set deadlines.

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