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posted on : 3 years ago

Industry : Media / Entertainment Job Function : Marketing / Communications

Job Experience Level : Senior Level

Minimum Years of Experience : Degree in Public Relations and Marketing / Mass Communication or its equivalent from a recognized institution. / 5-7 years working experience in moderating forums

Minimum Academic Qualification : Bachelor

Job Summary

The moderator will play a central role in the development and successful implementation of The Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum. The moderator will drive the discussion, and engage the panelists and audience in an interactive dialogue. The moderator will create the tone and tenor of the program, enabling all the participants feel comfortable, engaged and involved. Lastly, the moderator will synthesize what he or she hears throughout the program so that the discussion is focused and the themes are illuminated.

Skills and Attributes

  • Decision making;
  • Superior communication and effective listening skills;
  • Ability to interpret long term plans, programs and budgets developed senior management level;
  • Project management skills;
  • Ability to develop plans, programs, and coordination of workflows;
  • Creativity; and
  • Understanding of importance and maintenance of the organizations’ brand identity.

Full Job Description

Main Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following key result areas:
  • The Moderator shall support MCL team to develop content plans for the forums including selection of sub-topics from the proposed topics and the panelist guidelines.
  • The moderator shall be required to facilitate the forums in accordance to the terms of reference as agreed by MCL.

Terms of Reference:
The Moderator shall abide to the following Terms of Reference and Refrain from:

  • Use of obscene content, hate speech and/or discussions.
  • Disseminating false information.
  • Use of content that portrays violence, sex crimes whether physical, verbal or psychological; that can upset, alarm and offend  audiences and/ or viewers  and  cause  undue  fear  among  the audience or encourage imitation.
  • Use of content that portrays sadistic practices and torture, explicit and excessive imageries of injury and aggression, and of blood or scenes of executions or of people clearly being killed.
  • Use of content that causes annoyance, threatens harm or evil, encourages or incites crime, or leads to public disorder.
  • Use of content which advocates hate propaganda or promotes genocide or hatred against an identifiable group.
  • Use of content that may threaten national security or public health and safety such as:-
  • Making available instructions and guidance on bomb-making, illegal drug production   or counterfeit products.
  • Use of content that uses bad language including:-
  • The use of disparaging or abusive words which is calculated to offend an individual or a group of persons.
  • Use of false  content  which  is  likely  to  mislead  or  deceive the  public  unless  where  it  is  clearly  pre-stated  that  the content is satire and parody, fiction and where it is preceded by a statement that the content is not factual.
  • Moderator shall prohibit  the  provision  of  content  which  is  indecent, obscene,  false,  menacing  or  otherwise  offensive  in character.
  • Moderator shall exercise great care when reporting incidents of torture, ill treatment of people or animals, close ups of dead or mutilated bodies, people in extreme pain or on the point of death or violent treatment of children.

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