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posted on : 2 months ago

Industry : Print /Digital Media Job Function : Digital Content

Job Experience Level : Mid Level

Minimum Years of Experience : 2-3

Minimum Academic Qualification : Bachelor

Job Summary

o collect, analyze, and interpret data from various online sources to provide valuable insights and support data-driven decision-making within the organization. You will work with large datasets to identify trends, patterns, and correlations, contributing to the optimization of online processes, strategies, and user experiences.

Full Job Description

§  Monitoring Online Performance: Track and monitor our online performance across social media platforms, websites, forums and other digital channels.

§  Analyze Data: Analyze data gathered from online interactions to identify patters, trends and senstiment.This involves using analytical tools to measure engagement metrics such as clicks, likes, shares, comments and mentions.

  • Assess the effectiveness of content strategies and marketing campaigns.

§  Audience Insights: Study the demographics, interest and behaviors of online audiences to gain insights into their preferences and needs.

§  Content strategy Optimization: Collaborate with content creators and markets to optimize content strategies. Identify high performing content types, topics, and formats to drive engagement and enhance The Citizens visibility.

§  Stay Updated on Trends: Stay informed about the latest trends, technologies and best practices in online engagement and digital marketing.

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