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posted on : 11 months ago

Industry : Print /Digital Media Job Function : Administrative

Job Experience Level : Mid Level

Minimum Years of Experience : 3 to 5

Minimum Academic Qualification : Bachelor

Job Summary

To ensure a safe and secure environment for operations in the Company to enable MCL meet its business objectives.

Full Job Description

A) Access Control

·       Control the times individuals have access to the facility

·       Inspect vehicles required to enter or exit the facility

·       Develop a procedure to challenge unauthorized/unidentified persons

·       Deploy security guards to control access to the facility and keep records of all visitors, staff, contractors, employees and vendors

·       Deny access and trigger an alarm when visitors or strangers attempt to forcibly try to gain access to the facility

·       Post signage within the facility to indicate areas restricted to authorized personnel.

·       Ensure that all doors and windows are locked when not in use


B) Procedural Security

·       Record and verify goods being delivered to Mwananchi Communications Limited.

·       Record and verify goods being dispatched out of Mwananchi Communications Limited.

·       Protect against un-manifested material being introduced/removed from Mwananchi Communications Limited.

·       Put in a place a procedure for searching of persons and inspection of packages and ensure that statutory regulations are observed to avoid unnecessary litigation.

·       Develop procedures for random and unannounced security assessments.

·       Ensure that all products and equipment leaving Mwananchi Communications Limited are properly marked, weighed, counted, documented and verified against manifest document


C) Physical Security


·       Clear identification of protected areas.

·       Appropriate lighting for key operational areas.

·       Gates or doors through which vehicles or personnel enter or exit should be manned or under      the observation of security personnel.

·       Restrict access to cargo storage areas so as to safeguard against pilferage.

·       Access to employee parking areas must be controlled at all times.

·       Private passenger vehicles should be prohibited from parking in goods delivery/dispatch areas or immediately adjacent to cargo storage areas.


D) Personnel Security

·       Ensure that firearms, illegal drugs, knives and weapons of any sort, are prohibited in all MCL facilities.

·       Ensuring gate passes are issued to all company drivers leaving the premises for any reason. The gate passes should be authorized and details of the journey indicated

·       Ensure that any contract employee on the premises wear appropriate distinctive clothing. These include security staff, cleaners, cooks etc.

·       Maintain a roster with current telephone numbers of key company personnel, union officials, law enforcement, hospitals and the fire department to minimize any delay in making emergency contacts.


E) Documentation Processing Security

·       Ensure that the security department maintains parallel records for all transactions as part of the internal control process

·       Ensure that signatures required for all process checkpoints ( e.g., document preparation for newspaper delivery, cargo receipt and delivery, returns, etc) are put in place

·       Keep and maintain the following records:

-       Occurrence Book

-       Visitors Register

-       Staff Register

-       Items in Register

-       Items out Register

-       Alarm activation register

-       Newspaper and Magazines dispatch register

-       Returns Register

-       Vehicle control register

-       Search Register

-       And others


·       Ensure that there proof of delivery for all consignments is maintained

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